Loving R-thur Reading on KALW

It goes without saying that these are tough times. For authors who launched books amid the upheaval of life as we once knew it, things can be a bit discouraging. Fortunately, heroes walk among us (while maintaining a six-foot distance, of course). KALW, San Francisco’s local 91.7 FM station, has spun up the lovely ideaContinue reading “Loving R-thur Reading on KALW”

Loving R-thur Out Today!

Today, Loving R-thur officially launches into the world. This is a book about love, technology, and servitude. It’s an exploration, a thought experiment, and a sort of guesstimate of what could really be going on behind the polished surfaces and clean lines of the technologies we know and … love? But what is love, really?Continue reading “Loving R-thur Out Today!”

Infinite Stick: The World’s Greatest AI Commercial

Keaton Patti allegedly forced a bot to watch over 1000 hours of Olive Garden commercials and then asked it to produce a commercial screenplay of its own. Here’s an excerpt: INT. OLIVE GARDEN RESTAURANT A group of friends laughs at a dinner table. a WAITRESS comes to deliver what could be considered food. WAITRESS PastaContinue reading “Infinite Stick: The World’s Greatest AI Commercial”