New Cover for Loving R-thur

Loving R-thur just got a fresh look! Check out the new designs by MiblArt Book Cover Design.

Loving R-thur

Exe didn’t know what to expect when she first met R-thur, the AI running her new home. Most people don’t even notice AIs anymore. They’re everywhere in her world, but Exe’s spent most of her life avoiding them after what they did to her mother. R-thur’s cold, robotic voice sets her on edge, but she vows to give the AI a chance. Slowly a strange friendship forms between them and then something more. Exe suddenly realizes she feels more for R-thur than she’s ever felt for another human. But can she really trust her feelings or is the AI trying to manipulate her with an ulterior motive in mind?

Note: Some content that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Buy the book here.

Published by adrienaster

Author of Loving R-thur.

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