Loving R-thur Out Today!

Today, Loving R-thur officially launches into the world. This is a book about love, technology, and servitude. It’s an exploration, a thought experiment, and a sort of guesstimate of what could really be going on behind the polished surfaces and clean lines of the technologies we know and … love?

But what is love, really? The four-letter word covers a whole gamut of human emotions, from the most profound, earth-shattering euphoria to the preference for that perfect thickness of morning pancake. It is something people dedicate their lives towards finding, and it is tossed around as lightly as though it were a single-use tissue headed for the bin.

Loving R-thur asks the questions of whether love can arise between to entities of disparate sorts, especially when one of the parties involved is technically a servant.

Loving R-thur is a book about an unconventional sort of love, but one that also might become more common in the not-too-distant future, whether we’re ready for it or not.

Happy reading,


Loving R-thur by Adrien Aster

Published by adrienaster

Author of Loving R-thur.

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